Save a Life!!

Taskeru Indo (助けるインド) 


"Taskeru Indo" as the name suggests in Japanese, means "save India", is a group of Indians living in Japan who have come together to contribute their pennies to save a valuable life!

Our Penny shared, could be worth millions for someone!. Today there are scores of people who are financially hand-cuffed to save their own life and die just for a trivial reason that they could not raise the needed funds in time. Luckily, we are the exceptions, but can we assure it for tomorrow!...even a feeling pumps the heart beats.

 Sympathy means " I KNOW what you FEEL", but Empathy means "I FEEL what you FEEL".

But unfortunately, have empathy alone cannot keep them alive, they need financial help and that is what, through this initiative, we are trying to do.

We urge all of you to come ahead and extend your financial help to save their lives in time and in full. We have done this before and we are confident we will do it again. We assure your every single penny will reach the needful.

Peep in to our charity funding process through the "How do we operate" tab to know more in details, how we evaluate, qualify the need and maintain transparency in the process till the end.

 About Taskeru Indo Group -

We started in Japan, as a group of 40 IT engineers in Feb-2007, to save a cute 12 year old girl "Kalyani Joshi" from Aurangabad, Maharashtra (INDIA), who was suffering from brain haemorrhage and would die if she was not operated within given time and with necessary funds, and to our surprise, within 15 days, we collected funds worth Rs. 250,000 to save her life.

 Those whom we have contributed to save!

Taskeru-Indo appreciated by Sakal, a leading newspaper in Maharashtra, India.